The Department is responsible for teaching 05 groups of subjects, including : political theory, psychology, language, physical education, ​and information technology
1. Functions and tasks:
     The main task of the Department is teaching  general and basic knowledge in the collegiate training for  monolingual bilingual programs for the School. Besides, the Division also performs an important task of fostering Vietnamese proficiency for foreign students. With the task of teaching the subjects of political theory, social science and physical education, psychology, language and informatics, the Department has contributed to training generations of students who are  sufficiently knowledgable and skillful to meet the societal unceasingly high demands.
 2. Department activities
    The Department is very active and enthusiastic not only in teaching activities but also in the work of scientific research. The teaching staff have chaired and participated in scientific research at Ministrial, Department , Division levels, actively having contributed in the overall development of the School. The Department is also active in union activities , sports contests at all levels and achieves good results .
With a firm basis and the deep concern from the School, members of the Department  continue to strive to promote the achievements and to create new and better, and more practical outcomes to the overall development of the School and the maturity of the student generations.
3. Organization:
The Department’s teaching staff is structured by 21 members, including 20 masters and 1 Ph.D candidate

4. Contact:

Department of Basic Sciences - Department of Foreign Languages - TNU