Department of Chinese – School of Foreign Languages – TNU
Estabished : 2007
1. Functions and tasks
       -  to train Chinese-major students under the programs of  fulltime Chinese language and Chinese Teacher Education, namely:
1. Chinese language
- Chinese language bachelor
- Chinese – English bilingual bachelor
2. Chinese teacher education
+ Chinese teacher education
+ Chinese – English teacher education
-          to supervise training Chinese language, including curriculum, textbooks, teaching plan, teaching staff, scientific research, and international cooperation, etc.
-          to supervise Chinese majors
-          to perform other tasks appointed by the School.
2. Total number of students : over 1000 students, with an enrollment quota of over 200 students per year.
3. Career available to students after graduation:
- teacher of Chinese language
- interpreter and translator; diplomat in local and provincial offices.
4. Department’s activities
- regularly organizing and joining effective and practical movements,
such as :
-          Teaching quality emulation : helding observed and valued lessons according to the School’s plans to enhance teaching quality
-          Scientific research emulation, in which many papers have been applied practically in teaching and learning, improving the Department teaching quality
-          Specialistic emulation : by running annual highly specialized extra-curricular tasks like Hanyu Contest, Hanyu Club, ... to create chances for Deparment of Chinese’s teacher and student exchange, development, and enhancement of proficiency as well as organizational skills .
It is such proactive engagements that have made contributions to the cooperation and mutual learning amongst teachers in the deparment, also represented a motivation for them to continually strengthen their proficiency.
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