Since its establishment in 2007, the Department of  English as one in five specialized deparments of SFLplays the following functions and tasks:
 1. Functions and tasks
- to implement training and research activities and cooperations pertinent to English according to the School’s regulations.
- to implement the development of English language teacher under the National Foreign Language Project  2020 (NFFP 2020) framework.
- to provide fulltime training at university and college levels for English language and English Teacher Education programs.
- to profess English to students major in other languages in the School ( Chinese, Russian, and French)
- to organize specialistic activities, workshops, and teacher prociciency development and enrichment.
- to compile training programs
- to conduct scientific research activities in the scope of linguistics, teaching methodology, and information and technology application in teaching and learning languages.
2. Personnel
English Deparment contains 39 lecturers, where:
- 06 Ph.D holders
- 03 Ph.D candidates in oversea universities
-     M.A holders
- B.A holders, where  are M.A candidates
3. Department activities
- provision of proficiency development courses for English language teachers at different levels on the basis of CEFR, with the aim of achieving B1 benchmark upon completion of the course.
- organization of English teams to join the Foreign Language Olympics for English-major collegiate learners.
- assistance to Community English Club(CEC), creating a useful and exciting environment for students’enrichment of language skills and soft skills.
4. Objectives and development orientation
- Forming and stablizing the structure of training programs under Thai Nguyen University development orientation, matching social demands for English language and teacher education majors in Vietnam’s Northern Mountainous Region in particular and nationwide in general.
- Forming and stabilizing its organization in an working and streamlined fashion,serving the targets of sustainable development for the Deparment per se, the School, and TNU.
- Preparing necessary activities for opening M.A. training programs in 2013.
With advantagous elements in regard to frequently-updated and reformed training programs and a dynamic and enthusiastic staff of teaching, the School Management Board and the whole Deparment of Englihs have striven to make the most of its aforementioned advantages and limit its disadvantages for the sake of the development of the Department in particular and the School in general.
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