Department of Russian- SFL -TNU
The Department of Russian is one of four professional groups providing training to Pedagogical students in SFL, TNU; Its former organization is the Department of Russian, School of Foreign Language  -  Thai Nguyen University of Education (TUE).
Since its separation from TUE on 31/12/2007 and admission as a member under TNU, Russian Department has been organized into a professional department composed of 05 lecturers. In 2008, the Department received 03 young teachers – the new-graduates. Also in 2008, the team began its training students of the first course. Because of the fact that there are some retired lecturers or lecturers hold managerial positions, no longer involved in teaching, the number of young teachers to date (2013) was 07 out of 08 officers. Initially, the young teachers were new-graduates with limited teaching experience or Bachelor of Art (B.A.) degree. The department now, however, has 05 Masters of Art (M.A.), 02 M.A. candidates, and 01 Master's scholarship applicant in  Russia.
1. Functions and tasks:
- providing specialized training for students majoring in Russian – English bilingual pedagogy at the level of bachelor.
- managing two branches of study: Russian pedagogy ( training duration of 04 years) and Russian – English bilingual pedagogy (training duration of 05 years ) .
- training and enhancing teacher proficiency of Russian language teachers, proceeding to standardize teacher competencies according to international standards .
2. Personnel:
Teaching staff of the department consists of 08 teachers, including 05 M.A. and 03 B.A.
3. Student’s careers  and training areas :
- Training majors and qualification: the Russian Department is in charge of training Russian - English bilingual pedagogy students at the level of bachelor 
- The number of full-time students currently trained by department : 143
-  Principal fields of research: Russian Language and  culture ; Russian language teaching methodology
4. Activities and achievements :
- formal training : 05 courses  with 143 students
- Scientific research activities 
 + School-level scientific research with 11 papers inspected , 2 in the process of implementation
 + Student scientific research:2  on-going  topics
- Other activities:

Russian Department organizes annual training for 4-5 outstanding students to attend Olympic contest in Russian for non-Russian learners at Russian Center of Science & Culture in Hanoi. Every year the students reach the final contest and within three consecutive years, SFL students received scholarships to study in one of the Russian universities during 5 years and one student received merit certificates for outstanding achievements in the competition. Besides, annually, 2nd year students under the Department are selected for transition training in Moscow, Russia for 10 months. There have been to date 8 students in this regard who have successfully completed the transition program and return to the School to continue learning.

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