Welcome from the Rector,

On behalf of the Party Committee and the Board of Management, School of foreign languages, Thai Nguyen University, I would like to send my best wishes of health, happiness and success to the organizations, individuals and businesses that are cooperating with us, the colleagues, learners and students of the Faculty who are living and studying in the country and abroad.  

      The school was established under Decision No. 976/QĐ-TCCB, December 31st, 2007 of Thai Nguyen University Director. As an institution located in the strategic-midland and mountainous areas, we are well aware of the difficulties, as well as our great roles, responsibilities and noble missions. We believe that, with the determination of the Party Committee, the Board of management, the Trade Union Executive Committee, Youth Union Executive Committee together with the sharing and helping of colleagues, domestic and foreign business organizations, and especially the consensus of all staff, lecturers and students in the School with the spirit of "Solidarity, Dynamism and Creativity", School of Foreign Languages ​​will definitely overcome the challenges and difficulties in order to become increasingly stable and developed.  We are attempting to deserve the position and the role within Thai Nguyen University as well as in the region and to meet the increasing requirement for foreign languages ​​from the society in the trend of national integration.  

     Up to now, the School of Foreign Languages has gradually gained an impressive record of achievement. Currently, the school has more than 160 members of staff and 6 departments specializing in English, Chinese, Russian, French, Oriental Languages and Cultures and Basic Science. There are more than 3000 students in a range of academic monolingual, bilingual and pedagogical specializations majoring in English, Chinese, Russian, French and Korean. Also, the school offers the following modes of study: full-time, part-time, training on demands, nominated training, and second diploma. Furthermore, believed and assigned by the Ministry of Education and Training and Thai Nguyen University to take the responsibility to participate in the National Foreign Language Project 2020 from early stage (2011), the School has organized training for more than 1000 English teachers from high schools in 10 northeastern and northwestern provinces.
In external relations and training cooperation, the school has been cooperating with domestic training institutions such as Viet Tri University of Technology, CCE of Cao Bang, Quang Ninh, Bac Kan provinces, Hoa Binh Teacher Training College, Vinh Phuc technology-economic college, American English Institute, Van Son Academy - China, Russian Cultural Science Center in Hanoi, Campus French Vietnam and some other institutions and partners.
In scientific research and self-fostering, the school has implemented many projects which are highly evaluated at many scientific conferences in the country and abroad. Currently, the school has more than 100 masters and 17 doctors. Besides, there is also a team of foreign experts from the US, France, China, and Korea, with the average number of 10 experts per year, participating in teaching.
    The above achievements are the first bricks which are an important foundation for the development of the School of Foreign Languages ​​today as well as the University of Foreign Languages ​​later. With a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated employees, we are committed to build a healthy educational environment, open working mechanism, and talents appreciation. The School of Foreign Languages ​​- Thai Nguyen University will bring success to students, fellow students, researchers and businesses affluence and development.
We are looking forward to receiving cooperation and accompany from students, fellow students, social and political organizations, domestic and foreign organizations to build the School of Foreign Languages - Thai University Nguyen to become a prestigious and high-quality training center for human resources in foreign languages. Moreover, we aim to build the school to become a center for foreign language and cultural research in order to introduce Vietnamese language and culture to the world and to meet the increasing demands and diversified cooperative relations of society in the current trend of international integration. This contributes effectively to the development strategy in socio-economic and education of the country, especially in rural, midland and mountainous areas of northern Vietnam.
     A warm welcome!

Le Hong Thang
School of Foreign Languages, TNU






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