Introduction of multi-media classrooms system

The School of Foreign Languages has a diverse and modern system of laboratories.
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At present, The School of Foreign Languages possesses 08 multi-functional classrooms which are fully equipped with modern equipment such as teacher’s computers, students’ computers, CD/DVD machine, headphones, internet network, wireless internet network, projector, 3D television, etc. These facilities match the highly increasing needs of foreign language education.

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There are experienced teachers and experts who have actively applied information technology in teaching, studying and research.

Introduction of dormitory

The dormitory of School of Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University includes 2 lines of five-storey houses, K11 and K22, which is located in Thai Nguyen University’s boarding-school area.
This is a closed accommodation with sufficient utilities, security guarantees, clean and friendly environment so as to serve students and foreign students studying in the Faculty.
There are 78 rooms in total with over 600 dwelling which are arranged for 6 to 8 pupils per room. Students living here are obliged to follow the dorm’s common regulations as well as the rules of the school.

The School of Foreign Languages’s dormitory consists of 2 blocks of 5-storey houses with self-contained sanitation along with adequate water and electricity.

The dormitory area of SFL is highly appreciated because of its fresh atmosphere and beautiful scenery.
Students with difficult living condition or those attending the autonomic youth team at the dormitory will have their accommodation expenses reduced.
The School’s dormitory includes:
• The student services building situated in boarding-school area of TNU provides foods, drinks and booked parties in advance. Besides, the services of stationery, grocery, and beverage with reasonable price also meet students’ needs.
• Gymnasium and high-speed Internet service
• Students in the dormitory are free to use the wireless Internet network
• The collective living rooms and common rooms
Annually, the school dormitory holds campaigns to build up “model room”, keep the accommodation clean. That means there is no dust on the door, no cobweb on the corridor as well as making residence and work place neat, clean and civilized. Moreover, useful activities are also held such as arranging flowers contest to welcome The International Women day 8/3, green Sundays or Saturdays for voluntary work.
Due to streamlined management, this dormitory is considered as the common home for all students learning at School of Foreign Languages.
Contact: Students Affairs Department - School of Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University
Phone number: 0280.3648 490 - 02806.557.177






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