Mission, Vision, Core Values, Educational Philosophy

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1. Mission
The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) exists to supply both its foreign language undergraduates and postgraduates with the necessary skills to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s labour market, effectively serving the socio-economic and cultural development strategies in supporting Vietnam and especially Vietnam’s northern mountainous region, whilst promoting global integration.
2. Vision
SFL Vision 2030 is to become the University of Foreign Languages with modernness, integration, and autonomy, functioning as a prestigious and high-quality training and research institution in Vietnam.
3. Core values: Unity - Adaptation - Efficiency
4.  Educational Philosophy: Thoroughness – Nucleus – Calibre
Thoroughness: Learners are trained to master professional knowledge, vocational and soft skills; to possess professional ethical qualities, lifelong self-learning, self-research and abilities for professional development.
Nucleus: Learners are the centre in teaching activities in order to turn the training process into a self-training one, thereby promoting learners’ dynamics, activeness, and creativity.
Calibre: Quality of management, training and scientific research are unceasingly improved to serve the community and prepare foreign language human resources who can meet labour market requirements as well as national development and international integration.

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