Faculty of Chinese Language

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- The Chinese Language Department is a specialized unit at SFL, directly performs the tasks and manages the professional, academic, human resources, learners and facilities; deploys training, science and technology, takes responsibility for expertise in science and technology activities.
- The Chinese Language Department helps the rector to develop programs and plans in the assigned fields, proposes to the rector problems that need to be solved, proposes plans and solutions to carry out the tasks in the field; general management and handling of professional work according to assigned functions and tasks; takes responsibility for the content, quality and progress of professional work; performs science and technology tasks according to the SFL’s plan; periodically conducts conferences to review the work of the school year and proposes work directions for the next school year; management of facilities, assets and equipment of SFL.

Leaders of Faculty
Dr. Nong Hong Hanh – Head of Department
- In charge of: General management      
- Email: nhh229.sfl@tnu.edu.vn
Dr. Mai Thi Ngoc Anh – Deputy Head of Department
- In charge of: Academic training, Science Management and Foreign Relation         
- Email: maingocanh.sfl@tnu.edu.vn

Dr. Do Thi Thuy Ha - Deputy Head of Department
- In charge of: Examination and Students’ Management        
- Email: dothuyha.sfl@tnu.edu.vn

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