Student Affairs

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Student Affairs
SFL students learn through curricular and extra- curricular activities. We believe experiences outside classrooms will strengthen students’ life skills and benefit their future.
The Youth Union (YU) organizes annual contests. There is something for everyone to get involved. Students can take part in singing, dancing or sports competitions to compete their abilities with others. The aim of YU is to foster brotherhood among SFL students from different majors and to create a competitive playground for SFL students to learn and share.
Community English Club (CEC- is a student- led organization aiming to develop students’ 21st century and leadership skills. CEC’s activities are divided into five categories: outreach, bi- zine, meetup, contests, and talkshow. CEC works under the guidance of Department of English.
Chinese Club (3C) is developed by the Department of Chinese. 3C focuses on organizing events for students majoring in Chinese language. The themes of 3C’s activities are based on Chinese culture. These activities provide students great opportunities to understand Chinese culture from Vietnamese students’ perspective.
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