International Students

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·         Overview
International students come to the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) for a superior eduction in a beautiful city set in the mountains of northern Vietnam.
We have hundreds of international students, most are from China. They attend our school because it is a diverse and dynamic community and more and more of them join us every year. They get high quality lessons from excellent teachers who have trained in countries such as New Zealand and England. More and more international students join us every year.

·         Activities
Besides studying Vietnamese, international students shall improve their research and teaching skills through hands- on experience in internship training programs. Outside of class, international students are given a close look at indigenous culture through field trips to famous places. They also work with SFL’s Vietnamese students to organize outdoor meetings or social events. We strongly believe this collaboration gives all students a wonderful opportunity to develop essential life skills in addition to the academic skills they learn in class.
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