Education Union of Vietnam presents gifts to disadvantaged households at SFL-TNU

To celebrate 37 years of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20, 2019), the Education Union of Vietnam (EUV) collaborated with TNU’s Trade Union to visit and present gifts to 9 employees, lecturers and workers at TNU. Among them, SFL-TNU had two employees who had serious illnesses. Each present was worth 5.000.000 VNDs.

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Community English Club - An inspiring student organization

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Community English Club - An inspiring student organization

Founded as a student-led organization on February 19th 2011, CEC have been well-known for providing its members with opportunities to practice English, to acquire 21st Century skills, and to develop global leadership. Every year, CEC always achieves with a variety of outstanding activities and achievements.



Director’s message

  Welcome from the Rector, On behalf of the Party Committee and the Board of Management, School of foreign languages, Thai Nguyen University, I would like to send my best wishes of health, happiness and success to the organizations, individuals and businesses that are cooperating with us,...





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