Checking School of Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University and English Faculty level livestream transmission for Assessment of English Language Teacher Education Program according to AUN - QA standards

Đăng lúc: Thứ ba - 06/09/2022 03:24 - Người đăng bài viết: pvngoc
AUN-QA is a set of standards with strict quality rules, with specific and clear criteria, focusing on assessing the conditions to ensure the training quality of the entire training program.
Accrediting the quality of higher education institutions in general and evaluating the quality of training programs in particular is very important, giving universities opportunities to review the entire training process and create their own systematically. From there, each education institution could adjust the objectives, content, methods, and constantly improve the quality of training, meet the needs of society.
With AUN-QA's first online assessment of curriculum at SFL-TNU, this is an opportunity for staff and lecturers to study from assessors with extensive experience in curriculum development and curriculum design. From the feedback of experts, SFL-TNU could evaluate, continue to improve the quality of the training program.
Some photos at the signal transmission test:


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