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Focused on students' oral English proficiency, Team-building, leadership skills and outdoor activities. Offline meetings not only help students improve their English skills but also strengthen a close relationship among CEC members. CEC also has some special meet-ups for all CEC members to connect, exchange, and share together.

Out reach
Organized four activities relating to English for kids in Tong Xoong's house of culture. In the afternoon, we had 3 zones for 3 main activities such as minion Pen cases zone, handmade cards corner, and drawing environment protecting pictures zone. On the second day, there were several dynamic and interesting outdoor activities held at Hoa An - a Primary school. We spent time in team building activities, drawing part, farewell party and water balloon match in the end.
‘CEC Happy Summer" was a meaningful and amazing program not only for students in Hoa An Primary school but also for CEC’s members.


CEC has always been a leading club in the School of Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University for organizing successfully large-scale events. Had the honor to co-operate with Ms. Minh Ngo who is known as a former leader of CEC, and alumni of YSEALI to organize the project ‘ITthink Camp’ - a project involved as a part of the YSEALI YOUnified Day to celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of YSEALI. CEC provides a hands-on learning environment for English learners for 36 different members schools. At the secondary level, students are able to improve their speaking and listening skills as well as exchanging experiences in English teaching and learning methods among their teachers. With such exciting parts such as "conversation corner", "dubbing" and especially "critical thinking", the program has left unforgettable impressions on teachers and students perfect themselves.
To sum up, CEC is a prestigious place where members, especially students from School Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University can cultivate the skills needed to meet all the needs of skills of the 21st century. On the other hand, CEC has also constantly improved itself by creating so many creative, flexible and interesting methods.

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