English Conversation Class 2022

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From Hawaii Pacific University, there are Ms. Jean Kirschenmann and 10 volunteers currently studying bachelor’s degree and master's degree in English teaching methodology at HPU. From TNU-SFL, lecturers of Department of English, and 270 students majoring in English participated in the class.
The class is organized with the aim of improving confidence and fluency in English communication for students majoring in English at TNU-SFL. This is also an opportunity for students and graduate students at HPU to participate in communication activities, experience as teachers and observe communication activities to improve fluency.
Classes are held online, at each session students participate in small study groups with the guidance of volunteers. Communication topics are diverse from self-introduction, description of objects, interests to cultural topics of Vietnam in general and Thai Nguyen province in particular.
The class is a great experience for the students as well as the volunteers of HPU. With the results achieved through this class, in the coming time, the Department of English, TNU-SFL will continue to coordinate with HPU to deploy the class to a large number of English majors at TNU-SFL.
Some photos of English Conversation Class.
Ms. Jean Kirschenmann – Lecturers at Hawaii Pacific University and volunteers 
Mr. Nikita – volunteer from Hawaii Pacific University takes part in class
Volunteers at HPU and students of TNU-SFL at class
Ms. Nguyen Kim Ngan - shares her feeling when taking part in class

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