Job Day for Students in the School of Foreign Languages Thai Nguyen University 2016

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 26/12/2016 02:56 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My
     Attending the program were representatives from organizations involved in labor recruitment: Texhong – Ngân Long Company; GoertekVina Co., Ltd; Packing Company and the Hồng Hải Group Yuto. SFL representatives were Dr. Lê Hồng Thắng - Dean of SFL; Dr. Lưu Quang Sang –Vice-Dean of SFL and Mr. Le Thanh The –Vice-Dean,  Department of Activities of Pupils and Students" - as well asother officials representing SFL departments and, of course, SFL students.

     Dr. Luu Quang Sang, Vice-Dean of SFL, gave a speech at the opening ceremony of "Job Day for Students 2016", emphasizing that the purpose of this activity was to create an environment wherepotential employers had access to human resources that had been trained by the school;the goal being thatwork-force recruiters could share and discuss information, recruit employees directly or sign contracts.

     This activity also helped create an opportunity for students to receive and exchange necessary information about job offers. Consequently, students would be better oriented and prepared forjoining the labor market in the future. Furthermore, feedback from learners and especially from the organizations that had recruited SFL students would be reviewed and used to adjust the curriculum and teaching methods, to emphasize some of the necessary skills for students to satisfy the demands of the labor market.
     In an interview with the employer representative, Mr. Vuong Nghia Dung (Chairman of the Managing Board in Texhong - Ngan Long Company), had praise and expressed high appreciation for the capacity and the foreign language skills of students of the SFL. Moreover, he thanked the organizers for having created the opportunity for the company to connect withsome potential future employees from SFL- TNU.

     Not only did Job Day provide sufficient information about job offers, but it also generated more opportunities for students to cultivate knowledge and skills through direct recruitment interviews with prestigious leading companies in various fields.
    With the motto "professional - impressive - attractive and efficient", Job Day for Students in the School of Foreign Languages in Thai Nguyen University in 2016 was a great success. Many students of the School found job opportunities for the future and the employers also chose potential employees at the SFL.
Editor: Dr. Bill McDonald
Translator: Ms. Vu Mai My
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