Mr. Roger Gillespie - Former director of a Canadian television broadcasting company, visited and worked in the School of Foreign Languages - Thai Nguyen University (SFL-TNU)

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    In the afternoon of March 28th 2016, leaders of SFL welcomed Mr. Roger Gillespie. Attending the meeting, in the SFL-TNU with Tran Thi Nhi, Vice Dean of the SFL, Ms.  Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh, Head of the Scientific Management and International Cooperation Department, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Loan, Chairwoman of the Department of English and several faculty members of SFL.
    At the meeting, leaders of the School of Foreign Languages briefly introduced the historical development and the current characteristics of teachers, students of the School. Moreover, they expressed their sincere thanks to Mr. Roger Gillespie for spending time visiting the school, participating in various activities and helping contributing to improve the quality of teaching as well as to create an environment for students of English major to practice spoken English.  During the talk, Mr.Roger also mentioned the seminar which took place on March 30th 2016 with the topic "Developing the capacity for oral skill of School of Foreign Languages students through V-Skype Project - the initial assessment and subsequent orientation".  Mr. Roger expressed profound gratitude to the School Board and all the lecturers and students of the school, who gave him the opportunity to meet SFL students in person, especially students who have joined the V-Skype Project. He also expressed his willingness to continue to help train more SFL English major students to practice language skills, and help them feel more confident in communicating with the native English speakers. As another part of the visit, Mr. Roger also had a tour of campus and the library; he visited the  work environment, met  several academic lecturers and students of the School of Foreign Languages.
                                 Leaders of SFL welcomed Mr. Roger Gillespie at the meeting room
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Tran Thi Mhi took about topic "Developing the capacity for oral skill of School of Foreign Languages students through V-Skype Project - the initial assessment and subsequent orientation"
    On March 29th 2016, Mr. Gillespie also participated in activities including visits to classrooms, observing lessons and talking to students who are taking Oral English Proficiciency courses; Mr. Gillespie also organized a number of activities to teach English in the oral class; he also joined an extracurricular activity, with students from Courses 37 and 38 with topic: “Learn English through games”.  He  took part in conversations with Community English Club members focusing on  “cultural connection between Vietnam and Canada”. This was an opportunity for English major students to talk directly with a native speakers. Students are trained in English listening and speaking skills, and they are shared these valuable learning experiences with Mr. Roger.
    At the end of the trip, Mr. Gillespie thanked the SFL for creating opportunities for him to learn about Vietnam in general, and about the SFL – TNU in particular. Mr. Roger and SFL expressed hope for long-term cooperation in the future. SFL leaders also hoped he would continue to make contributions to the program to learn English through Skype, helping to  generate more opportunities for students to develop skills and make better use of the target language.

     Editor: Dr. Bill McDonal   
 Translator: Ms. Vu Mai My

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