Prof. Sara Cushing (Georgia State University) – The main speaker at the training workshop for English teachers of Thai Nguyen University with the topic: “Classroom Assessment to Support Student Learning"

Đăng lúc: Thứ sáu - 27/03/2020 05:31 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My
           The representatives from American Embassy included the presence of Mr. John Anthony Scacco – Director of regional English office of American Embassy and Mr. Le Thuy Duong – the Secretary. The delegates of Thai Nguyen University included Ms. Phan Minh Huyen – Head of English Department of TNU University of Economics and Business Administration, Mr. Duong Duc Minh – Head of Basic Department, TNU International School,  Ms. Nguyen Khanh Linh  – TNU University of Information and Communication Technology, together with the presence of a number of Englsih teachers at other universities, colleges and shools in Thai Nguyen province.

   The SFL delegates consisted of Dr. Luu Quang Sang – Deputy Head of SFL, Ms. Le Vu Quynh Nga – Deputy head of Science Management and International cooperation deparment, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc – Deputy head of English department, together with other teachers of English department of SFL.

    At the workshop, participants paid attention to the research presentations, and then discussed new achievements, shared good experiences, and participated in training courses on effective English teaching skills by speaker Prof. Sara Cushing (Georgia State University), who is a professor of Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University and a Senior Associate Dean. She had published a number of research in the areas of assessment, second language writing and was the author of Assessing Writing (2002, Cambridge University Press). Besides, Prof. Sara Cushing had been invited to speak and conduct a number of second language assessment workshops around the world, and most recently in Vietnam, Colombia, Thailand and Norway. Her current research has focused on assessing integrated skills and using automatic scoring to write in second language.   

   The main topic of the workshop was about the classroom assessment as an integral part of the foreign language curriculum. The comments and conclusions from the assessment are the basis for both teachers and learners to adapt the plan in order to effectively achieve the objectives. By using different assessment techniques, teachers can identify learners' qualifications, thereby, giving positive feedback that helps motivate learners more effectively. At the same time, delegates have the opportunities to present and share their research results and teaching experience, as well as meet, exchange and connect to other researchers and colleagues domestically and internationally in the field of English teaching so as to cooperate in professional development.

By: Mai My
Translator: Diệu Hà

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