Proud of the traditional Vietnamese “ao dai”

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 17/08/2020 04:23 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My

“Suddenly seeing “ao dai” flying on the street, will see the motherland spirit there…”. For a long time, when referring to Vietnamese women, international friends praise “ao dai”. “Ao dai” is considered to be the traditional costume expressing the beauty and soul of Vietnamese women.

“Ao dai” has been associated with Vietnamese souls for thousands of years, “wherever you are, in Paris, London, or in remote areas”.Although time passes, “ao dai” will still endure forever with Vietnamese people.

“Ao dai” was named according to its design. The body consists of 2 pieces of fabric which tighten-fitting women’s waist. From the bottom of the back, they are dropped down to the heels to make Vietnamese women’s moves more graceful, soft and flexible.

The thin silk shirt with many elegant colors on the street becomes the attention. From schoolgirls to sisters, mothers and grandmothers, every time they wear “ao dai”, they bring charming beauty. The image of teachers with pure and white “ao dai” in the lecture hall is beautiful.


Through each period, each stage along with the evolution of Vietnam’s history, the Vietnamese “ao dai” always exists, will always be the Vietnamese soul, Vietnamese culture.

Yen Tran

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