SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES - THAI NGUYEN UNIVERSITY: New heights for international integration

Đăng lúc: Thứ sáu - 11/09/2020 07:53 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My
The establishment was stemmed from the objective requirements consistent with the general development trend of the country in the period of deeper and broader international integration; and in line with the development strategy of Thai Nguyen University into a key multi-disciplinary university of the region and the whole country. After more than ten years of careful research and preparation, the School of Foreign Languages ​​was established on the basis of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​under Thai Nguyen University. The 3 functional rooms are Department of Training, Science and International Relations, Student Affairs Department, General Department and 4 foreign language subjects - English, Chinese, Russian, French - with 4 training majors: English Education, Chinese Education, Russian Education, English Language has been the foundation of the original training since 2007. Up to now, there are over 5,000 undergraduates and masters, which promptly supplement the implementation of strategies on developing foreign language human resources for provinces and industrial zones in the country.

International language experts directly collaborate in teaching and scientific research with the School of Foreign Languages (Thai Nguyen University).


Up to now, after 13 years of consolidating facilities and necessary conditions, the apparatus structure has satisfied all the conditions of a university environment. The force of specialized and highly qualified staff and lecturers is increasing, taking on the duties of the University, the Ministry of Education and Training as well as implementing the "order" programs of the localities, business in the country. 159 staff and lecturers, including 18 doctors, 114 masters and 16 graduate students, are completing research programs to receive doctoral degrees abroad preparing to return to share the same tasks. In addition, the University also has more than 30 lecturers/ year, who are a team of foreigners, English, Chinese, French language experts and lecturers inside and outside Thai Nguyen University with doctoral degrees participating in teaching and researching to improve the annual training quality and ensure the output standards of Thai Nguyen University. The school now has its own land fund with a planned area of ​​over 20ha, two 5-storey lecture halls, a 3-storey lecture hall, a 3-storey library, and two 5-storey dormitory buildings with 500 rooms, a full range of modern facilities, for domestic and international students.

Moreover, the University also has a system of playgrounds, practice yards, and Learning Materials Center - Information Technology which all meet the international standards. This is also a condition for the University to carry out cooperation and joint training projects with countries having modern education. Currently, the University has signed training cooperation agreements with over 40 partners, nearly 20 domestic and foreign cooperation agreements. Establishing a network of over 100 businesses, employers, and large economic groups to assist in building training programs, both taking it as a place for students to practice, and especially to recruit use students after graduation. Therefore, the annual enrollment attraction of the University always reaches 100% of the target and students come from many regions of the country. The number of graduate students with stable jobs is increasingly high, with an average rate of nearly 90% employed students after graduation.

Entering a new stage, promoting the achieved results, with the spirit of "Solidarity, Competence and Creativity", the School of Foreign Languages will begin to move to a stage of development, improving the commercial quality and norms. In particular, the School is the core unit to connect items and international integration of Thai Nguyen University in association with foreign strategy with training products, scientific research of a foreign language environment.

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