SFL-TNU held the 2nd Master's Diploma Ceremony in 2019

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      Those in attendance were: Associate Doctor Tran Thanh Van, Vice-President of TNU, Doctor Le Hong Thang, Dean of SFL-TNU and Doctor Luu Quang Sang, Vice dean of SFL-TNU, teachers from many departments and 41 new graduates together with their parents and friends.

Welcome performance

        In the welcome speech, Doctor Le Hong Thang- Dean of SFL-TNU congratulated 41 new graduate students on their efforts during the program. He expected that after graduation, equipped with the knowledge they have learned, they will continuously contribute to any institution they are working in.

Doctor Le Hong Thang- Dean of SFL-TNU makes his speech

      At the graduation ceremony, Associate Doctor Tran Thanh Van, Vice president of TNU, expressed his delight about the excellent results of the students. He reaffirmed that English plays an essential role in the innovation of Vietnam and international integration. Therefore, SFL-TNU now and in the future, has been a reliable English training institution in the region. He also stressed that the diploma students received is an achievement after their hard work and persistence. However, he emphasized, this is only the beginning, there will be more career challenges in the future and they will be their opportunities to contribute more.

Associate Doctor. Tran Thanh Van, Vice President of TNU

Student representative presents flowers to TNU Vice president and Dean of SFL-TNU

       With the joyfulness of receiving her degree, new graduate student, Ms. Dao Thi Hong Ngoc, monitor of class 2B, sent her sincere thank to TNU, SFL, teachers and departments for their support. On behalf of other fellow students in the cohort, she promised to devote all the best to her future career.

Associate Doctor Tran Thanh Van and Doctor Le Hong Thang present diploma for students.

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