School of Foeregn Language SFL - TNU prepared to welcome students back to school

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 17/08/2020 15:29 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My

Accordingly, the Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control Covid-19 - TNU requires all officials, lecturers, workers and learners must carry out these activities: Must wear masks when leaving the residence; wash hands with soap or hands sanitizer; continue to delay conferences, seminars and events activities that gather from 20 people or more; ensure a minimum distance of 2m among people in public places; thoroughly apply information technology in teaching, learning and handling administrative jobs.



SFL was cleaning inside and outside of the classrooms and dormitory to welcome students back to school.

At the same time, people coming from other localities had to abide by government’s regulations. .

The Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control Covid-19 organized propaganda for officials to thoroughly, strictly implement the regulations and instructions of supervisors, TNU and units in epidemic prevention and control. 

SFL carried out a sterilization process to welcome students back to school.

In order to prepare the best for students to return to school, the Steering Committee organized many cleaning and disinfection works at the lecture halls, the engine room, the dormitory and the operator. The school also ensured that there were enough electronic thermometers, antiseptic solutions, and soap in convenient locations for everyone to use. At the same time, the school arranged an isolated area and rooms at the dormitory and lecture hall in case of emergency.

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