School of Foreign Languages Organizes Mentoring & Skills Training Programs For students and lectures who were preparing for APTIS exams.

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 26/12/2016 20:58 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My
     Attending the meeting were representatives from British Council including specialists Mrs. Elizabeth Kentmann, team leader, Mrs. Sadie Maddocks - teaching assistant and Mrs. Cao Vu Hoang Chau – management staff member representing APTIS exam British Council in Hanoi. Individuals that were consulted and trained includedlecturers of the SFL English Department and students of SFL.

      The program was organized into two sections including, Counseling teaching skills for teachers of  SFL & the General Consultant format of  APTIS for students of English at SFL, and Fostering writing skills in APTIS tests.
     The program took place with excitement, openness from the students of SFL. Elizabeth Kentmann briefed participants about tests using the APTIS scale to achieve English proficiency from A1 to C2, according to the European reference framework. Additionally, Mrs. Kentmann and her assistant enthusiastically answered questions and addressed the difficulties of students during a refresher session. Mrs. Kentmann also created groups for students to discuss a few topics and to help students visualizethe shape of the APTIS written test more clearly.

     With content of consultancy skills to train towards the APTIS exam for English language lecturers at SFL, Mrs. Kentmann also introduced everyone to training methods for students, leading to their achieving the highest possible results. In the program, on behalf of the British Council, Mrs. Elizabeth Kentmann awarded books to the School of Foreign Languages, specifically to lecturers of the English Department. They are resources that provide more abundant support in clarification and training for students for the upcoming exam. Mrs. Kentmann also expressed her gratitude and hoped through this time of outlining counseling programs and by performing anexam skills review of APTIS will be useful source of information for the School of Foreign Languages teachers and students to achieve high levels of performance in APTIS exams.

     In concluding the program and on behalf of SFL, Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Loan, the Chairwoman of the English Department expressed sincere thanks and presented several commemorative gifts to the specialists ofthe British Council. She hoped that with the knowledge and experience that the faculty be perceived through the program, English teachers will have more experience in training forAPTIS. The SFL is a reliable address for students wishing to improve their English language abilities through APTIS exams held regularly at the SFL – TNU.
Editor: Dr. Bill McDonal
Translator: Ms. Vu Mai My
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