Student Gala Night Welcomes Freshmen at SFL-TNU

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Those in attendance were: Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong, Vice-President of BIDV Branch in Thai Nguyen, Mr. Bi, Mr. Duong Kien Trung, Head of Human-Resources Department of Luxshare ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Mr. Subin-Head of Human-Resources Department of Goertek Vina Co., Ltd.

Doctor Le Hong Thang, Dean of SFL-TNU, delivers the welcome speech

From SFL-TNU, there was Doctor Le Hong Thang, Party Committee Secretary, Dean of SFL-TNU, Doctor Luu Quang Sang, Vice Dean of SFL-TNU, Chairman of Trade Union, Pham Viet Ngoc, Secretary of The Youth Union, and Mr. Dang Trung Kien, Chairman of Students’ Union SFL-TNU. There were also international experts, faculty members and 700 students working and studying at SFL-TNU.

School Board presents flowers and certificates to sponsors

Doctor Le Hong Thang-Dean of SFL, congratulated the new students and expressed his expectations for a new energetic generation and a fruitful 2019-2020 academic year.

Community English Club

ABO Club takes group photo with the judges

Martial art club

3C (Chinese Club)

The Gala Night took place on September 28, 2019 with decorated camps in the front yard of Hall C. This is an annual event of SFL clubs supporting new freshmen to adapt to their new environment and relax after the first week at university. At the event, students were connected with 11 student-led clubs at SFL (CEC, Bookworm, ABO, 3C, Guitar Club, Korean language club, Entrepreneurship club, volunteer club, etc.). One especially well-received activity at the event: the ‘SFL’s Got Talent 2019’ competition held to look for talents via art performances. Additionally, students were offered an opportunity to experience sports games in the camps. Clubs play an important role in student life at SFL. It offers students opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and maximize their potential.

The Gala Night 2019 was highly valued as organizers invested into a quality sound and light system. The music night was also highlighted with former students serving as inspiration for the new freshmen.

Organizers also praised and presented scholarships to outstanding students, clubs and individuals. Luxshare ICT Vietnam Company presented 10 scholarships worth 20 million VNDs to students. BIDV presented 10 scholarships worth 10 million VNDs to students. Goertek Company presented 6 scholarships worth 12 million VNDs to students. This encouraged students to work harder to achieve better results. 

To conclude the event, there was a campfire with hundreds of students and teachers dancing around. This was a signature moment for SFL K42 students.

Full pictures of the event can be found in the link  below:

Ngày hội các Câu lạc bộ

Đêm Gala chào tân SV K42

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