Thai Nguyen University awarded Honorary Doctorate for William Hugh McDonald, Jr. – Lecturer, an American Expert working at SFL – TNU

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     Attending the ceremony from Thai Nguyen University was Professor Dr. Dang Van Minh - Deputy Director of TNU.
     The guests included the heads of all TNU offices and departments , together with most of the lecturers and students  at TNU.
     Dr. Le Hong Thang, Dean of SFL, Dr. Tran ThiNhi, Vice Dean of SFL, and SFL’s experts, lecturers and students also participated in the ceremony.
    Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Dr. Dang Van Minh - Deputy Director of TNU sent his dearest wishes for health and happiness during Christmas and New Year to all the staffand lecturers as well as TNU students and foreign fellows. He also acknowledged and gave appreciation for the contribution of international lecturers to TNU in the past. He said he hoped TNU would continue to be a reliable institution where foreign lecturers and students can work and study in Vietnam. 

Professor Dr. Dang Van Minh - Deputy Director of TNU awarded Honorary Doctorates to William Hugh McDonald, Jr. (right) and Mr. Noel Survigon (left).
     Dr. Bill Mc Donald graduated with a Bachelor of Science in psychology specializing in sociology at Evangel University in 2001. In 2003, he received his Master Degree of Social Work at University of Southwest Missouri. Then in 2010, he earned a Master in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(TESOL) at Azusa Pacific University. Dr. Bill also has a certificate in teaching (TESOL) awarded by Wheaton College in 2006; a teaching English certificate (TESOL) awarded by Azusa Pacific University in 2008. He was also one of the collaborators in the Arts Research Association of Columbia College in 1998.

Dr. William Hugh McDonald, Jr. taking photos with SFL – TNU’s representatives.
     He has been teaching at TNU since 2006 when SFL was ​​part of the University of Pedagogy - TNU. When SFL officially became an independent institution, Mr. Bill McDonald still desired to contribute to the school and to help SFL become one of the best schools specializing in foreign language teaching in Thai Nguyen, despite the many difficulties and challenges in terms of employees and facilities at that time. Since then, with more than 1,500 students in Oral English courses (intermediate to advanced), US – UK Country Studies, and British Culture, he has given his students numerous fascinating and high-quality lessons about Western culture. He has also been an important ambassador connecting SFL students with a Non-Government ​​Health Organization, which has enabled them to practice working with foreign interpreters. Every year, Bill McDonald sponsors a grant of $2,000 for scientific research at the Department of English. It is a source of great encouragement to the lecturers in the Department and fosters and enhances the quality of scientific research. He has also built a network of American teachers who desire to come and teach English or work in Vietnam.

Dr. Bill and his wife Mrs. Sue McDonald (right), and his colleagues at SFL – TNU - Mr. and Mrs. Karyl JeanPetit.
     During his career development, Dr.Bill has had papers published such as "What's to talk about Workbook" - aspects of conversations and debates in English, in September 2014; Visiting Vietnam, our lives and work in Vietnam, in September 2016; Papers and presentations on the correlation between the implementation of community services and personal beliefs.
     Sharing the joy of receiving his Honorary Doctorate, Dr. William Hugh McDonald Jr. also expressed his feelings at the ceremony. He hoped to contribute ideas and practical advice to help SFL become one of the key universities in Vietnam, and help it quickly integrate with the world’s advanced education system. The Honorary Doctorate that TNU awarded him was an invaluable spiritual gift for his Christmas and New Year. Above all, it would certainly be the "bright spot" in his life and his academic career.
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