The 3rd International VietTESOL Conference 2017 - “English language for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”

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      The International VietTESOL Conference is an annual conference organized with the aims to bring together diverse stakeholders of English language teaching, learning, research, and usage in an engaging platform to fulfill such honorable missions as fostering the English language teaching profession, enhancing English proficiency and lifelong learning among professionals and learners, and advancing English language teaching, learning, research and usage in Vietnam and beyond. This year 2017, TN University, US Embassy – RELO Vietnam, MOET VN-The National Foreign Languages 2020 Project and the VietTESOL Community will host the 3rd international VietTESOL conference.

     The 3rd  International VietTESOL Conference 2017will take place on 07th – 08th December 2017 at Thai Nguyen University, Tan Thinh Ward, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam .

    The International VietTESOL Conferences serve as a key forum for researchers, scholars, and professionals to present the new findings and best practices in English language education. The conferences offer valuable opportunities of networking and sharing expertise, experience among participants and presenters from all the levels of English language teaching and learning across Vietnam.This year 2017, after a one-year gap, marks the fabulous return ofThe 3rd  International VietTESOL Conference with collaborative building and mutual support in academic and organizational terms from numerous independent ELT professionals around Vietnam, the Regional English Language Office (RELO) – US Embassy, and other interested organizations. This conference is one of many initiatives within a strategic planning scheme towards the sustainability of the annual international VietTESOL conference in Vietnam and the establishment of Vietnamese English Language Teacher Association.

      1.1 The theme

    The organizing committee of the 3rd VietTESOL Conference in collaboration with Thai Nguyen University, the host institution, warmly welcomes all delegates to the 3rd  international VietTESOL Conference with its theme “English Language for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”, to be held at Thai Nguyen University, Tan Thinh Ward, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam on December 7-8, 2017. (For further information of conference venue and how to get there, please see here

     The organizing committee is dedicating the 3rd international VietTESOL Conference to the above theme with a view to garnering the target audience’s attention to three thought-provoking issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the domains of English language teaching, learning, research and usage.The triad of these concepts is expected to put forward a pathway towards the realisation of educational sustainability and social justice. English language in the setting of this conference represents an overarching term covering the interrelated aspects of teaching, learning, research and usage functioned by diverse stakeholders in the society.

      1.2 Categories and Thematic Areas

      At the heart of the conference and as the ends of the discourse, the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion will be explored in the following categories and preferred thematic areas of English language:English language teaching, learning, research and usage among the minorities and vulnerable groups, English language teaching, learning, research and usageat early childhood level/at primary level, English language teaching, learning, research and usageat secondary level/at post-secondary level (higher education and vocational education), English language teaching, learning, research and usagefor living and working;Teacher Professional Development, Learner/ UserDevelopmentand Others.Details (

      1.3 Types of Session

     Keynote speeches, plenary sessions, oral parallel sessions, workshops, poster presentations and technology exhibitions will be types of sessions within the conference. Besides, an English Language Expo will be a fabulous side event. For more information, please visit the Website:

      1.4 Registration and calling for proposals

        The conference is now open to registration and calling for proposals (seeSpeaker Proposal Guidelinespage for details). Registration feewill be announced later.

        The submission deadline is 30 August 2017. (Submit here). For any questions regarding the submission and publishing process, please email to:

      1.5 Call for Sponsorship

    The 3rd International VietTESOL Conference solicits organizations, institutions, and individuals to provide sponsorship to the event. Your sponsorship will cover complimentary registration fees for English teachers in remote and disadvantaged areas and travel support & honorariums for invited speakers.

      Individuals and companies/organizations who sponsor the above or part of the above categories will be acknowledged on the conference website and the logo of the companies/organizations will appear on the conference signs/proceedings. For details, please see Sponsorship and Advertising page or/and email to:

      1.6  Contact

       The organizing committee of the 3rd InternationalVietTESOL Conference

Thai Nguyen University

Tan Thinh Ward- Thai Nguyen Province - Vietnam

Phone: +84 0208 385 1690

Email: ;

Website: ;


Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh - Coordinator of The Third International VietTESOL Conference 2017

School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University

Tan Thinh Ward, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam

Tel: +84 988 441 978



Special Announcement

The organizing committee of the 3rd VietTESOL Conference.

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