The KOICA Vietnam Representative Office Welcomed by School of Foreign Languages

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 15/07/2019 08:28 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My
      The KOICA working group was led by Mrs. Kwon Uri - Manager of the KOICA Vietnam Office voluntary program, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hiep - KOICA Vietnam Expert, and Ms. Park Yoon A - KOICA Intern.
      KOICA volunteers currently working at SFL includes Mr. Yang Eun Sik, Mrs. Park Jurim and Mrs. Song Hyounne.
The meeting on February 26, 2019
       Dr. Le Hong Thang - Dean of SFL, Le Vu Quynh Nga, MA - Deputy Head of Research Administration & International Relations Office, Mrs. Nguyen Hong Minh - Head of Language and Eastern Culture Department.
Dr. Le Hong Thang - Dean of SFL was discussing in the meeting.

The KOICA representative Office and Korean volunteers working at the School
      By the meeting’s opening, Mrs. Le Vu Quynh Nga, Deputy Head of Research Administration & International Relations Office, reported the teaching and living status of volunteers working at SFL. Moreover, at the meeting, Dr. Le Hong Thang, Dean of SFL, briefly  encapsulated the tradition and strength of SFL and highly appreciated either the meaning or the effectiveness of KOICA co-operative program, which would enhance the Korean capability of students to hereafter take either educational or employed opportunities in Korean, a culturally, educationally and economically developed country. Also, the SFL Board of Management produced a set of recommendations and desired whether  KOICA could support SFL in the promotion of cooperation with partners who are Korean universities and corporations, thereby enhancing human resource educational quality and heading to the co-operative developing target.
Mrs. Kwon Uri, the Manager of KOICA Vietnam voluntary program, was delivering a speech.
      At the meeting, Mrs. Kwon Uri, the voluntary program manager, mentioned official development assistance and technological cooperation programs consisting of many fields with different programs and projects, ratified to Vietnamese government by KOICA Korea through KOICA Vietnam. Especially, School of Foreign Languages - Thai Nguyen University is an honored educational institution to receive more volunteers from KOICA after a short time of co-operation. Furthermore, KOICA is hereafter either planning to make the program annual or enlarging financial support for the volunteer-adopting offices. Besides human resource and technology transfer assistance, KOICA also offers a mere aid for equipment in support of the job for each volunteer. This is a small modeling project, which is attached to their daily life. The equipment is the possession of either volunteer themselves or the agency.
The meeting was successful.
       At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Kwon Uri - voluntary program manager and Dr. Le Hong Thang - Dean of SFL deeply appreciated the bilateral effective meeting whilst the two parties have seen mutual co-operation, trust, and voluntary Korean teaching support. Moreover, a commitment was effectively affirmed as well as novel co-operative proposals were formulated for the linguistic development of the future generation.

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