The School of Foreign Language (SFL) will soon be established

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History of formation and development

Along with the globalization and international integration trend, our country has been increasing exchanges, expanding cooperation relations with countries all around the world.

This requires a constant exchange of information among countries, making a requirement on language proficiency, especially with the young generation of Vietnam.

Therefore, foreign language training is an essential demand in the process of innovating education và developing countries towards the economic integration and internationalization trend nowaday. 

With the policy of building and developing TNU to become a multi-disciplinary university, a regional and national key university. On December 31, 2007, the Decision No. 976/QD-TCCB, TNU decided to establish SFL - TNU.

In August, 2008, after stabilizing the organizational structure, SFL - TNU officially came into operation.

At the time of its establishment, SFL - TNU has only 29 officials, lecturers, including 1 doctor, 17 masters. 

Organizational structure: Cell of SFL under the Party Committee of TNU; The Executive board of SFL under TNU; the apparatus includes 03 functional departments (Department of Training, Science and International Relations), Department of Student services,  General Department); 4 subjects (English, Chinese, Russian, French); SFL carried out 4-training majors: English Language Teacher Education, Chinese Language Teacher Education, Russian Language Teacher Education, English.The total number of student in the first course was 428.

The offices and campuses had to be shared with other member units of TNU.

In 2014, Circular 08/2014/TT-BGDĐT (20/3/2014) of the Minister of Education and Training on the promulgation of the Regulation on organization and operation of regional universities and member universities which was valid. The organization structure of SFL had appropriately changes, from affiliated units into attached units, no legal status, which are:

The Party Committee of SFL became the Party Committee of Division of SFL, directly under the Party Committee of the TNU Department; Trade Union of SFL; the Associated Organ of Student’s Association was all affiliated with TNU Department.

Functional rooms were changed into 06 Assistant Team to support the SFL Executive board. There were 06 Departments training majors. 


Actuality before the decision to establish SFL

Up to now, it has been 13 years of construction and development, the structure has ensured the model of a university. 

SFL has a full range of Party organizations, governments and unions, operating stably and effectively. 

The number of lecturers with Doctor degrees is increasing, the professional capacity of officials has been continuously improved. 

Currently, with 159 officials and lecturers, there are 18 doctors and 114 masters. 

According to the plan, in the near future, SFL will continue to have 16 doctors who are SFL’s lecturers and studying domestic and foreign postgraduate. They will return to the SFL and join teaching. 

Besides, there is also a large team of foreign teachers, lectures inside and outside TNU with doctor degrees participating in teaching, with an average of 30 lecturers per year.     


Labor market connection has been implemented quite effectively 

With more than 40 partners, nearly 20 cooperation agreements, SFL has established a network of companies, businesses, corporations, and employers, not only support SFL in building training programs but also take it as a place for students to practice and especially to recruit students after graduation. 

Therefore, the number of graduated students having stable jobs is increasing, with the average rate of 87% of students having jobs after 1 year graduation.

Since the Cell of SFL (now is the SFL Party Committee) was established, it has continuously achieved the title “Pure and strong”, “Excellently complete tasks”.

Yen Tran

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