The School of Foreign Languages successfully organized the English Olympic Contest called 2019 SFLers

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 06/05/2019 04:09 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My
       From the criteria of encouraging students' confidence to express opinions in English in front of the crowd, there were 4 teams took part in four sections, including the greeting, the rhetoric, beating the ball to match pictures, and social knowledge. The contestants participated enthusiastically in it when they got comfortable using English with their own writing styles, word selections relating to their strengths. This means that the students of the School of Foreign Languages are very active, clear - headed in their critical thinking and ready to build topics for presentation.

      "SFLers SHINE" became just like what was contained in the slogan. It was felt through the fierce competition in which the closer they got to the finish, the more determination the students had, which showed us  the passion of learning English language with solidarity, self-confidence and creativity of youth leading to a convincing result among teams.

      With the success in establishing the 2019 English Olympic Contest, the School of Foreign Languages - Thai Nguyen University will have more motivation to bring more opportunities to show talents for its students.
       Below are some pictures of the 2019 English Olympic Contest:

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