The Second Korean Speaking Contest Finale at School of Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University

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      After the elimination round on March 2019, the organizing board has chosen 14 most excellent contestants to compete in the finale. What makes this year competition special is that all the judges are Koreans, who represent for various Korean companies in Thai Nguyen province and neighbors. This competition not only motivates students in learning Korean but also is an opportunity to advertise Korean training program as well as the image of SFL on the occasion of 2019 college admission.
Dr. Le Hong Thang – Dean of SFL made opening speech of the second Korean speaking contest finale”
      School of Foreign Languages was honored to welcome sponsors namely Samsung Electro – Mechanics Thai Nguyen Limited Company, Thai Nguyen ALUTEC VINA Joint Stock Company, WOOJINQPD VINA Limited Company, Thai Nguyen EMTEC VINA Limited Company, SSNewTech Vietnam, GLONICS Vietnam – Thai Nguyen Limited Company, Shinhan Bank Thai Nguyen, BIDV Thai Nguyen, Korean Company Association – Diem Thuy Industrial Zone.\
Mr Park Su Ho – President of Korean Company Association made a speech at the competition
      Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Huong – Vice Dean of International Co-operation Board represented for Thai Nguyen University.
     Dr. Le Hong Thang – Party Secret – Dean of SFL and M.A. Le Vu Quynh Nga – Vice Dean of Research Administration & International Relation Office, and Pham Viet Ngoc – Youth Union Secretary represented for School of Foreign Languages.
     Besides, the presence of  Korean experts included Mr Yang Eun Sik – Koica Volunteer, Ms. Park Jurim – Koica Volunteer, Ms. Song Jon Hyoone – Koica Volunteer and Mr. Jung JongIl.
Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Huong – Vice Dean of International Relation made a speech on The Second Korean Contest Finale
     Delivering the opening speech of the competition, Dr. Le Hong Thang – Dean of SFL has stressed that the aim of this competition was to create an environment for students who were interested in Korean to practice and master this language. Also, through this competition, the school would like to spread the peaceful message elevating the current relations of development and cooperation. This was a chance to encourage and motivate Korean majors as well as strengthen the relationship with Korea in terms of friendship, co-operation and cultural exchange.

Some cross – culture art performances between Vietnamese and Korean Culture
     In addition, the competition has also attracted sponsors and recruiters’ attention that came from South Korea. They always focused on co-operating with the school to seek for the high qualified students. Hence, it is obvious that this event not only expands the tight network between SFL and South Korean firms but also brings about attractive job vacancies to SFL students.

     Moreover, the competition has attracted a large number of talent SFL students from different courses. After the elimination round on March 2019, the organizing board has chosen 14 most excellent contestants to compete in the finale. Through the rounds of the competition, the contestants had expressed their talents with confidence and knowledge, promoting their communicative ability in Korean environment.

     According to the judges’ assessment, this- year contestants were more professional – diverse in contents, more accurate and fluent in language usage, and confident in presentation style. The prizes for Korean speaking contest finale were of value.
     Audiences had enjoyed the best art performance of SFL students. More attractively, the audiences were invited to participate in the lucky number part and got lots of presents from the sponsors.

Representative of Korean companies gave rewards to excellent contestants after the speech round

The Dean of School of Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University awarded presents and certificates to sponsors
     The success of the second Korean speaking contest has created more and new opportunities for the new Korean learning generations next year. Through the task of assessing excellent students, the competition also created recruitment opportunities for Korean companies that are operating in Vietnam. More importantly, this event strongly contributes to the development of friendly, cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Korea.
The second Korean speaking contest ended with glamorous success.

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