The Spectacular 2020 Welcoming Ceremony for SFL Freshmen

Đăng lúc: Thứ sáu - 05/03/2021 09:49 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My
     The program warmly welcomed the presence of Dr. Le Hong Thang - Rector of the School of Foreign Languages; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai - Head of Administration & General Department; Mr. Trieu Quang Viet - Head of Academic Affairs; Mr. Pham Viet Ngoc - Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of SFL; Mrs. Pham Thu Trang - Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth Union of SFL; and Mr. Dang Trung Kien - Student Union President. The Gala also witnessed the participation of distinguished businesses, teachers, and students.\
       Opening the program, Dr. Le Hong Thang – Rector of SFL congratulated and encouraged more than 800 new students. Besides, he sent his wishes to all teachers and students of SFL to have a new semester full of hope and confidence, successfully fulfilling the missions and goals set out for the school year 2020-2021.
 In the afternoon of the program, the schoolyard was filled with colors, the vibrant atmosphere and the extreme joy, brought by dynamic and dedicated students and clubs present at the Club Festival Day, including CEC Club, Bookworm Club, ABO Club, 3C Chinese Language Club, Guitar Club, Receptionist and Diplomatic Club, Korean Language Club; Entrepreneurship Club, and Community Volunteer Club ... . This is a valuable opportunity for 13 clubs to meet, exchange, learn and show their talents and style through the competitions offered by the organizers. "Club Day" is one of the big annual activities of SFL Clubs to help new students get more exposure, instill their passion for clubs and teams, and participate in all the activities. The Club model plays a vital part of the comprehensive development program of the School, supposedly enabling students to put what they have learned into practice, as well as advancing their individual competence to full potential.

       SFL students were on cloud nine in the welcoming ceremonies of new pupils which was highly appreciated compared to the previous years with the organizers investing a lot in sound effects, lighting, resulting in completely impressive performances by SFL pupils. As part of the Gala night activities, the Organizing Committee commended and awarded scholarships to students with excellent academic achievements, and honored groups and clubs who won prizes in the "Camp contest ".
      At the Music Gala,  Duong Ngoc Bich – a 43rd freshman at K43B English Language Group was honored for excelling at 29.41 points in the national entrance exams and becoming the valedictorian of the SFL in 2020. The Rector awarded flowers and gifts to her for such academic accomplishments. He hoped that they will be further motivated to arouse and enhance their the passion, zeal, dynamism, creativity by studying, practicing and doing scientific research in an active manner; concurrently promote self-studying and self-researching capability, hence making proper and effective uses of theories into practice, achieving high academic results and contributing to the educational quality development.
      The music night was a significant success and stirred many emotions in the hearts of attendees. "Festival of Clubs & Gala to welcome 43rd students" is one of the most wonderful experiences of new students from SFL, TNU. After the Gala night, all of the students surely might have a new mindset and a new motivation for a fruitful the 2020-2021 school year.

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