The Teacher Who Touches Students’ Heart

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       SFL-TNU is well known as a top-quality educational institution in Northern Vietnam. Here, there are high-quality Vietnamese lecturers with strong expertise. Most of them have had experience learning in developed countries. Many teachers at SFL-TNU refused jobs in other countries to contribute to the education here at SFL-TNU. Professor Le Thi Thu Trang is one of them. One can easily recognize her after seeing her elegant smiles and hearing her funny jokes. She is also admired for her insightful teaching philosophy; ‘I always believe that an educator needs to inspire learners. Thus, besides teaching students knowledge, teachers should inspire their students to self-study’. She adds, ‘Each teacher should let her/his students actively search for knowledge and find answers to their questions’.

    According to Professor Trang, teacher-student bonds should extend beyond the classroom. Teachers need to actively listen and understand the problems of their students. That is why at SFL-TNU, she is called ‘The teacher who touches students’ hearts’. 

      Professor Trang is not only dedicated to teaching, she is also passionate about doing research and giving advice for students’ research. She considers this as a pathway for intellectual expansion. In just 2 years (2017-2019), four studies of Professor Trang’s were published. The results were highly valued by the Committee and can be used as teaching materials. ‘My happiness is simple: seeing students’ smiles and their curious eyes every day’. This thought keeps her continuously connecting to her students at SFL-TNU. 

     Some publications from Professor Trang:

1. Le, Thi Khanh Linh & Le, Thi Thu Trang (2017). Evaluative devices in personal narratives from American and Vietnamese talk shows. Journal of Science and Technology, Thai Nguyen University, 174(14), 103 – 108. ISSN: 1859 – 2171.

2. Le, Thi Thu Trang & Le, Thi Khanh Linh (2018). Improving Students’ Writing Skill through The School Online Newspaper at a Public University in Vietnam. International Journal of Education & Literacy Studies, 6 (2), 47 – 52. ISSN: 2202 – 9478.

3. Le, Thi Thu Trang & Vu, Thi Thanh Hue (2018). An Investigation into The Third – year English Majors’ Problems in Performing TOEFL IBT reading Tests at a Public University in Vietnam. The Third International TESOL Conference Proceedings. HCM University of Education Publishing House. ISBN: 978-604-958-470-1.

     4. Vu Thi Thanh Hue*, Le Thi Nhung**, & Le Thi Thu Trang*** (2019). Influences by the Extensive Reading Programs on Freshmen’s Written Proficiency. VinhTesol Conference Proceedings.Vinh University Publishing House. ISBN: 978-604-923-458-3.

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