The ceremony of announcing the Decision to establish School of Foreign Language (SFL) - Thai Nguyen University (TNU)

Đăng lúc: Thứ hai - 17/08/2020 05:16 - Người đăng bài viết: Vũ Mai My

After having listened to the Assoc. Prof Dam Thi Uyen - Head of TNU Personnel and Organization announcing the TNU President’s Decision on the establishment of SFL - TNU. Prof. Pham Hong Quang -  Party committee secretary, Director, President of TNU awarded the Decision to establish SFL. Mr. Le Hong Thang - Dean of SFL was accredited to the SFL’s principle  and Mr. Luu Quang Sang was the SFL’s vice-principal.

Prof. Pham Hong Quang - Party committee secretary, Director, Executive board of TNU awarded the Decision to establish SFL and to accredit the school’s principal, vice-principal.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Le Hong Thang - SFL principal welcomed participants and emphasized: “After 10 years building and growing up, the SFL has converged necessary conditions in order to establish SFL - TNU. On June, 26, 2020, the TNU Board of President signed the Decision to establish SFL - TNU. This was an important milestone which not only marked a new development but also was the expectation of leaders, officials and students during recent years. On behalf of SFL Executive board and the current Administrators, allow me to express the deep gratitude to the Leadership Agency of the Ministry of Education and Training, leaders at all levels of local authorities, agencies, organization, partners, especially  the Party Committee, University Council,  Board of Presidents, functional boards of TNU during the past time had paid special attention and created favorable conditions to have SFL today.”

Mr. Le Hong Thang - the Principal of SFL was speaking at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the School Leaders assigned tasks to the leaders, officials, lecturers of SFL - TNU, expected that in the new position, they will promote together the spirit of solidarity, heighten the responsibility, continue to strive, practise, well complete assigned tasks, contribute to SFL - TNU’s development. 

Prof. Pham Hong Quang - Party Committee Secretary, TNU Director was speaking at the ceremony.

Sharing great joy with SFL teachers and students in the important event, Prof. Pham Hong Quang - TNU Director expressed his emotion and joy at the historic event of SFL. He believed that in this new position, new height, with great traditions accumulated over the past 10 years, SFL teachers and students will constantly strive and highly determine in order to develop SFL - TNU.

The SFL Administrators and TNU delegates were cutting the inaugural ribbons and attached the signboard of SFL - TNU.

The ceremony of announcing the Decision to establish SFL - TNU successfully took place.

With 13 years of construction and development of SFL, with a solid beginning, officials, lecturers and students are determined to strive to successfully complete their tasks, develop SFL in particular and TNU in general to be a center for training high-quality human resources to meet social demands, building industrialization and modernization.

Yen Tran

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