Research advisory workshop for SFL, TNU lecturers and students in the AY 2020-2021

Research advisory workshop for SFL, TNU lecturers and students in the AY 2020-2021
On the afternoon of November 11, 2020, School of Foreign Languages - Thai Nguyen University held an "Advisory Workshop on research for lecturers and students in the AY 2020-2021". The meeting aimed at promoting lecturer and student engagement in research, enhancing students’ self-research and creativity, and concurrently improving their ability to research, apply learned knowledge and solve real-life problems.
       The workshop was attended by Dr. Mai Anh Khoa - Deputy Head of Science, Technology and Environment Department from Thai Nguyen University and SFL leaders including Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Huong - Vice Rector, Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Ha – Deputy Head of Research Administration and International Cooperation Office, Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Loan - Head of English Department, and Dr. To Vu Thanh - Head of Chinese Department, and teachers from functional offices and departments. Especially, the conference also attracted the participation of more than 100 students.
Dr. Mai Anh Khoa - Deputy Head of Department of Science, Technology, and Environment, TNU made a speech at the Workshop.
      Delivering the opening speech, Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Huong - Vice Rector of the School said: “The workshop was organized with a view to helping the whole body staff, lecturers and especially students to hone and improve their scientific research methods. Thereby, these activities contribute to training creative thinking abilities, researching capacity, and creating working styles for teachers and students later on.

       At the conference, Dr. Mai Anh Khoa shared a lot with students who are would-be researchers and still in a "toddler" stage to conduct research. He always reminded them of the two key words: What and why to study. Defining your research subjects and goals resembles cooking a dish, and you have to know: who to be catered and what is its purpose? Research methods are never allowed to be sketchy because like the recipe for a dish, it helps improve the logic of the research. Besides, he also suggested some open softwares and references to help students in choosing research topics.
The conference ended successfully!
     This workshop has created a forum for consultation, academic exchange, and scientific research cooperation for lecturers, as well as students as the whole, which per se creates opportunities for students to approach either expertise-based or life-based studies. This is also an important element for the School to achieve its mission and goals in this academic year and the upcoming years.