– Advise and organize the implementation of training activities including building programs, learning materials, training plans, organizing and managing training for different levels and types of training: college, university, postgraduate, full-time, part-time, second degree, transfer and training courses… on the basis mission and vision of SFL.

– Advise and organize the implementation of students’ affairs: guidelines, policies, regulations, students’ management, award diplomas and certificates, educate students on political, ethical, and lifestyle qualities.

Department leaders:

1. Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Ha – Deputy head, In charge of department

General management; directly in charge of the following tasks: admission, program development; professional work on full-time training and post-graduate. Manage staff and facilities of the department.

Phone: 0947.998.798

Email: dieuha.sfl@tnu.edu.vn

2. Nguyen Huy Hung, M.A – Deputy head of Department

In charge of transferring and extra-budgetary training course

Phone: 0208.3.501502

Email: dtnns.sfl@tnu.edu.vn

3. Cao Viet Dung, M.A – Deputy head of Department

General management, plan the operation of the students’ management, report to leaders on dormitory management, consulting, supporting, starting-up; prepare monthly, quarterly and other reports related to the field of responsibility.

Phone: 0916.869.526 

Email: dungcv@tnu.edu.vn