Duration of training: Monolingual (4 years), bilingual (5 years), College and university transition degree (2 years)




English language education (code: 7140231) is a bachelor’s degree in English language education with high expertise and good professional ethics to participate in teaching English at primary and secondary schools or become a lecturer at colleges and universities.

Career Opportunities

Students of English Language Education after graduation are fully qualified to take on classroom work. However, they can also “turn” to work in many different positions, such as:

  • Language researchers
  • Work as a translator at publishers, book distribution centers, newspapers, magazines
  • Work as an interpreter for diplomatic missions, economic and social organizations of Vietnam and internationally
  • Tour guides, consultants at travel agencies, hotel restaurants, resorts regularly welcome foreign guests
  • Office staff
  • Language assistant, communications specialist, event organizer


Chinese Language Education (code: 7140234) is a bachelor’s training major with full professional qualities and professional knowledge to participate in teaching at foreign language centers, high schools, secondary schools or become lecturers at colleges and universities, and at the same time, provide human resources for professions for integration,  internationalization of the country.

Career Opportunities

  • Teach at primary schools, secondary schools, professional and vocational secondary schools, colleges and universities, foreign language training centers.
  • Specialists and managers in schools, educational departments, educational institutions and production and business establishments.
  • Conduct scientific research in foreign language education, linguistics research or international studies, continue to study at a higher level according to their training majors.
  • Interpreters, editors, office secretaries, staff of the International Cooperation Department in cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, economic organizations using Chinese.
  • Work in professional fields such as trade, tourism in travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, businesses (travel department staff, tour guides, restaurant receptionists, hotels …).
  • Marketing, event organizers, commercial transactions, offices in Chinese-speaking organizations and businesses.


English language major (code: 7220201) specialized in research, use English so that students can master and communicate English fluently. English language offers many opportunities for young people who want to work in an integrated economic environment with foreign businesses.

Career Opportunities

After graduating in English Language, students also have the opportunity to work in different fields such as foreign language pedagogy, marketing, translation – interpretation, tourism, foreign economics, banking,…

Students with good foreign language skills can apply for the following jobs:

  • Translators at companies, foreign-invested enterprises, diplomatic and media agencies…
  • Communication specialists such as: event organizer, assistant or secretary for foreign leaders.
  • Guides at tour companies or restaurants or hotels specialize in contacting and working with foreigners.
  • Teachers of English at universities, colleges, professional vocational secondary schools, or high schools, foreign language centers …


Chinese language major (code: 7220204) is considered a major with many job opportunities and a field of study with potential for future career development. This major provides in-depth training on the necessary skills for students to integrate quickly into the socio-cultural environment of the Chinese-speaking country.

Chinese Language major is a language study that uses Chinese in all fields of economics, commerce, tourism, and diplomacy.

Career Opportunities

Chinese language jobs are very diverse, students can work at state agencies, embassies or multinational companies, foreign enterprises. Specifically, the job positions you can try are:

  • Translator/Editor: Translator for companies, press agencies; reporters and editors at local news agencies; journals; compile administrative procedures for contracts of foreign companies and enterprises, manage personnel at foreign companies and enterprises.
  • Assistant/secretary/Guide: Assistant: Specialist in negotiating, signing contracts, arranging work, working schedules, working for leaders of corporations and multinational companies; Tour guides: staff at restaurants, hotels, resorts, marketing for tourism projects …;
  • Lecturers/ Teachers/Researchers: teaching Chinese at training institutions (universities, colleges, vocational schools, foreign language centers, general schools); researchers at Chinese Language and Culture research institutes.


The Russian Language Major (code: 7220202) is a major that trains Russian foreign language bachelors with political, moral qualities, a sense of social service, mastering professional knowledge and practical skills, capable of working in fields that require the use of Russian. This major helps students master the professional knowledge and practical skills of speaking and communicating well in Russian. From this, there is the possibility of social work in areas that require the use of Russian.

Career Opportunities

The Russian Language major promises to bring many attractive job opportunities for students such as: translators, interpreters, secretaries, receptionists, office workers at government agencies, embassies. Specifically, after graduation, students can take on the following job positions:

  • Tour guides for Vietnamese tour companies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, or major tourist resorts nationwide such as Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Ving Tau, Phu Quoc,….
  • Manage tourist offices in tourist destinations with many Russian tourists, especially in the central provinces, where foreign enterprises and companies invest.
  • Do foreign affairs, import and export business or cooperate with foreign partners who use Russian.
  • Work at agencies and companies, need expertise related to cultural and social knowledge and the ability to translate and communicate in Russian.
  • Hotel management, reception and tourist activities require communication in Russian.
  • Teach Russian language at colleges, vocational secondary schools, foreign language centers, consulting to study in Russia.


French language (code: 7220203) is a major that trains students’ knowledge, skills and methods of communicating in French. In addition, it also helps to study the political, social and commercial economic situation at home and abroad to help students meet all the recruitment needs of foreign companies.

Career Opportunities

French language jobs are diverse, students can work at state agencies, embassies or multinational companies, enterprises. Specifically, the job positions you can try are:

  • Translation editor: translate and compile documents from France into Vietnamese, or directly translate with business partners, when signing contracts at conferences …
  • Office management: human resource administrative jobs for companies, responsible for personnel management, foreign leaders.
  • Assistant foreign director: work as a secretary, foreign affairs assistant to French leaders, in charge of foreign affairs and business cooperation, conducting negotiations and signing contracts.
  • Tour guides: In the current integration process, more and more international friends come to Vietnam to travel and relax, including many French. Student can work as a tour guide at popular tourist resorts or tour companies and hotel receptionists.
  • Lecturers of French language teaching centers, French study abroad consultants or French language training vocational schools, with stable salaries.