The Master of English Language (MA) program focuses on improving knowledge related to the nature and structure of the English Language as well as its applications in teaching and learning contexts, social interaction, and intercultural and linguistic communication.

Career Opportunities

  • After graduating from the Master of English language program, learners can undertake teaching, consulting, researching and planning of English language teaching training programs at universities, colleges, vocational schools, domestic and international training centers;
  • Work as a manager in local schools, departments or education departments;
  • Set up your own English language teaching center, or seek business opportunities in an international and globally integrated environment.


The master’s program in Chinese language is designed in an application direction, to equip the knowledge of:

  • Social nature to solve problems arising in the practice of work;
  • Chinese language theory helps learners to have knowledge of micro-linguistics and macro-linguistics, to build statements in accordance with Chinese language standards, capable of taking on work areas related to the field of Chinese language application such as translation and interpretation,  teaching Chinese, to participate in the compilation of Chinese-Vietnamese bilingual dictionaries, to have dialectical thinking methods, a constantly progressive attitude to absorb new language phenomena in Chinese social life and countries using Chinese language;
  • Knowledge of some bordering linguistics disciplines to suggest new directions of foreign language applied research, help learners apply specialized knowledge already equipped in the working process and improve their professional qualifications for life.

Career Opportunities

  • Work at public authorities and diplomatic missions using the processing of Chinese language documents;
  • Work on the use of Chinese language by domestic and foreign enterprises;
  • Work at foreign agencies and organizations using permanent Chinese language in Vietnam;
  • Participate in management at foreign language-related management agencies of ministries, branches, or localities;
  • In charge of designing, evaluating and accrediting areas related to Chinese language;
  • Teach and guide research on topics related to Chinese language theory and practice;
  • Participate in the appraisal and assessment councils of Chinese language.