Department Of Inspection, Testing And Education Quality Assurance

– The Department of Inspection, Testing and Education Quality Assurance has the function of advising and organizing the implementation of inspection and examination activities at SFL and postgraduate examinations, education quality assurance, develop and implement quality assurance activities.

– Coordinate with partners to organize HSK, Aptis International Language Proficiency test; organize the assessment of foreign language ability in stages for students at SFL, organize the assessment of output standards for students at the end of the course under the direction and guidance of Thai Nguyen University’s Examination and Education Quality Assurance Board.

Leaders of Deparment

1. Dr. Phung Thi Tuyet – Head of Department

– Manage human resource, operate general work of the department;

– Directly manage testing and education quality assurance

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2. MA. Le Thanh The – Deputy Head of Department

– Directly manage the internal inspection mission

– Supervise the progress of implementating the end-of-semester exam.

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