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School of Foreign Languages – Thai Nguyen University welcomes delegation from Honghe Academy, China

In the morning of October 24, 2023, the School of Foreign Languages – Thai University (SFL-TNU) holds a meeting to exchange and cooperate with Honghe Academy, China.

Panaroma of the meeting

From Honghe Academy, China, there are Mr. Zhang Can Bang – Vice Rector – Head of the delegation; Mr. Ma Kun, Chief of Staff; Mr. Min Yong – Head of Training Department; Mr. Liu Gui Yang – Head of Science and Technology Management Department; Mr. Li Fa – Director of the Trade Division; Mr. Zeng Zhi Ming – Officer of Foreign Exchange Cooperation Department – Interpreter.

Delegation of Honghe Academy – China

From SFL-TNU, there are Dr. Le Hong Thang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector; Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Huong, Vice Rector; and representatives of the General Department; Department of Scientific and Foreign Affairs Management; Department of Training and Learner Management; Faculty of Chinese; Faculty of Basic Sciences.

Representatives of the SFL-TNU at the meeting

Representatives of the two universities introduce the strengths and highlights of the training programs, scientific research orientations of each school and hope that in the coming time, they would strengthen the friendship and cooperation, continue to exchange and sign MOAs, and develop together to open up sustainable cooperation in the future. Within the framework of the meeting, the two universities exchange, discuss and cooperate on the following contents:

  • implement educational cooperation projects at undergraduate and master levels;
  • recognize of training results and exchange of major/course credits between the two universities;
  • implement joint training projects in related majors and teaching links at all levels;
  • organize and implement cooperation in non-academic education, long-term and short-term training, students interning in the fields of education or other fields agreed upon by the two universities;
  • exchange of teaching lecturers and implementation of relevant professional teacher training projects; carry out cooperation in scientific research and publication (books, documents, scientific research materials, curriculum development…); cooperate in organizing programs of scientific seminars, cultural exchanges, international conferences …

Dr. Le Hong Thang – Rector of SFL-TNU gives speech

At the meeting, Dr. Le Hong Thang says that the school is very pleased to welcome and expresses his deep thanks to the Board of Directors of Honghe Academy, China for visiting, working, exchanging and cooperating with SFL-TNU, he also hopes that in the coming time, the two universities will have many cooperation programs, healthy and sustainable exchanges, engagements and cooperation programs.

Mr. Zhang Can Bang – Vice President of Honghe Academy, Head of the delegation gives speech.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Can Bang – Vice President of Honghe Academy, Head of the delegation also says he is very pleased with the enthusiastic and thoughtful welcome of SFL, and he hopes that the two units would have more and more cooperation programs,  sustainable exchange. In the coming time, in order to expand the relationship, the two units agree to exchange and cooperate in organizing joint training programs in Vietnamese and Chinese. In addition, there are exchanges that will expand cooperation to other fields such as organizing forums, international seminars on specialized Chinese language training, training exchange programs, students, lecturers, scholarships, scientific research…

Leaders of SFL-TNU and Honghe Academy take photos

The meeting takes place successfully, opening up the development cooperation between the two units. In the coming time, SFL and Honghe Academy, China will have many cooperation programs to help students have conditions to study, experience culture and practice languages effectively. The success of the meeting has affirmed the prestige, position in training and is a place for cultural exchange of international schools to promote a new height, comprehensive and sustainable development in many fields of external cooperation.

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