MOTIVE "Monitoring Trends In Vietnamese graduates’ Employment"

What is MOTIVE? The MOTIVE (Monitoring Trends in Vietnamese graduates' Employment) project is funded by the European Union's Eramus + Program with the participation of many Vietnamese universities, including Thai Nguyen University of which School of Foreign Languages is a member. One of the goals of the project is to build a database of Vietnamese graduates and a bridge between students and employers. This is an extremely useful project, providing great job opportunities for students when participating in opening an account on the VOYAGE platform of the project.

The benefits of students participating in the project's database system The database of the project is built on the database system collected from opening accounts and declaring information on the VOYAGE platform of students. Also on the VOYAGE platform, businesses can participate in the selection of potential candidates through the selection and filtering of resumes. In addition, students can freely choose suitable careers for their major, access to job opportunities from 650 enterprises in Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zone and 40,000 other enterprises in the network of enterprises of the system. For more information about the project, please visit the website of project: Page "MOTIVE Project Foreign Language School - Thai Nguyen University:
MOTIVE graduate employment trends survey
With the goal of closely following the employment trends of students after graduation, thereby maintaining alumni connection with the labor market, especially not only be meaningful in proposing solutions to share the burden of employment due to the impact of COVID 19, but also helps improve the quality of training for generations of students.